Catalina power compact hoods.


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Anyone currently using one of these fixtures in there tank setup?
I am looking to purchase a 48'' Current usa orbit 4x65 watts but i would like to know what else is out there. I saw this PC and thought it looked pretty cool but i would like to know if its any good and if anyone has had any experience with these. Just trying to do some homework before i make a purchase.

Heres the link:,50/option,com_phpshop/Itemid,31/

Thank you all in advance for your replies.


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I have a 30" PC hood from catalina. I've only had it for 6months, but in that time i've had absolutely no problems with it. it's basically a clone of the coralife hood.


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I purchased the Coralife Aqualight fixture because I liked the deluxe mounting kit that attached to it allowing you to flip the fixture up and away for tank maintenence, as opposed to a rigid mount on the others.