Catching fish??


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Does anybody have any good techniques on catching fish in a tank, without taking out the LR. I don't have any problem fish, but I have brown wafer algae and want to get rid of 2 of my fish so I can get a small naso tang so he can eat it. But I only have a 65g tank so I must get the other fish out before I get NAso Tang, and even then I can't keep the Naso Tang very long in my size tank. So I will have to catch him in a few months or maybe a year at the most.

I have heard of people using tiny barbless hook with a piece of bait, haqs anybody ever done this? Or any other good ways????


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to some extent, it's gonna depend on what kind of fish you're trying to catch. an acrylic box w/ a trap lid and some nori in it can work for tangs, a two liter bottle trap with food in it can get some blennies and gobies without too much hassle. then there's the tank ninja pajama cardinal that you haven't seen eat anything at all for 4 years that you'll never get out of the tank without draining it.


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The 1 is similar to a Kole Tang, but it must be some kind of hybrid, because it doesn't have a yellow eyeor a few other features. But it does have the dots on the face and lines on the body. And it has a tint of blue on the front bottom half, and the lips are blue. I have had him since it was only 1.5", back then he was all yellow.

But more importantly they both eat nori, somaybe that will work.

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I use a clear plastic bag. I poke small holes around the opening and weave fishing line through the holes. Then I tie a loop in one end of the fishing line and run the other end through it, creating a noose. Place a rock and some food in the bag, then the bag in the tank. When the fish enters, a quick tug on the line, and the bag closes with the fish inside.