Catching Mantis shrimp???


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Adam and I are wondering different ways to catch a mantis shrimp in our tank. We would prefer to not take out all the rock to do so. Pretty sure which rock is its home and it tends to stay there. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!


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for the record, i'm not against mantis shrimp and wish him well but the noise is driving me nuts. Once he's caught, .. anyone want him?


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If you can get the rock out that he stays in, you can put it in a bucket of fresh water, which sometimes drives them out.
Or, if the rock isn't too big, I would take both rock and mantis.
There are traps out there for them, but I don't know of anyone local who has one, and I understand they mostly trap hermits.
Good luck. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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The freshwater idea had crossed our minds. We recently caught a valentini puffer using the 2 liter bottle method. Might try that again, if that doesnt work then may resort to the fw dip. Since you are the first one to speak up it is yours once we successfully catch it.


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you can also try burying a glass in the sand so that when the shrimp goes out to feed at night it may fall in. . . Don't know for sure what the best option is but it may work.