Caulerpa in display tank


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hi whats the best way to introduce Caulerpa Proliferainto the tank and i have read that theses forms of algae can bleed fluids into the tank if damaged on the stems is this right or not ?
I've not had issues with C. Prolifera bleeding and I pick it all the time for nutrient export. I grow mine in the sump and pick some now and then to feed the fish. If you have herbivorous fish the macro won't last much more than a day though!
hi theres no fish in tank yet still going threw cycling tank into week 3 tomorow all levels are dropping fast except nitrates so thought Caulerpa Prolifera would really Reduce Nitrates a bit better
then its a case of wich fish (tang) to avoide
Well my caulerpa eating monster is a Eibli Pygmy Angel fish! Tang will probably like it too, but your tank is on the small side for tang I would guess. I think they need 100 gals + as a minimum or so I have read, as they like to "keep on swimming, keep on swimming"! ;)

C. Prolifera is very fast growing and I think it looks very nice in the sump, but I like planted f/w tanks too. Nitrates will drop quickly once the substrate begins to be colonised and the caulerpa kicks in. Just make sure you remove some every week.

Xenia grows fast in my tank and makes a good nutrient exporter too. I am due to take a bag to the LFS soon.