Centropyge hybrid for sale


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Hi all,
I recently purchased this beautiful healthy pygmy angel, Centropyge eibli/ C. vrolikii hybrid from Indonesia from copps. He is devouring a few of my LPS so I need to sell him to a good home where he will do well. He is extremely healthy, any fish from John is an excellent fish, he is fat, eats any foods, and gets along great with all of my fish. His only downfall is a taste for fungias and favias. He is rarely sampling of few of my chalices but so far none are showing any stress from it. He did pick at my SPS but most continue to have good polyp extension. I already have a pygmy angel in the tank so I am use to the polyps being retracted a bit. Here is the link to John's selling thread with a picture of him: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2000859. The fish is quite nice to look at :D. Price $70 to a good home.