ceph tank pics and specs


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Hi There,
Just wondering if some of you guys that are keeping octos and cuttlefish could show some pics of your setups and let us know what sort of filtration your using etc...
Hi there Chris
Here is what I use for mine.
Octopus briareus
This is the Caribbean or Florida Octopus

My Tank is a 55 gallon sea clear tube tank.

Filter used = XP3 FilStar Canister Filter
Lights = Coralife Aqualight T-5 Series - Double Linear Strip
2 Maxi-Jet Powerhead Model 1200 (295 gph) adjacent to each tube to help circulate
For filtration
1 Maxi-Jet Powerhead Model 600 (160 gph) at the top of the intake side of filter also to aide in filtration.
Thats a cool looking tank do you find he travels between both sides,also how often and much do you do in your water changes?
Thanks Brock Fluharty and cdan / Chris . I actually seen that tank being sold used in a LFS. I thought the same as you both how cool.
Before she had her eggs she would actually travel back and forth. I was even able to get a few photos of her travels. I like the tank with the tubes mainly because I think it gives the fish in there an escape route. At least that is what I figured since it looked as they would watch which direction the octopus would go and then they would go opposite of her. I liked the size of the tank being equal to a 55 gallon tank. When I bought it though my only thought were; "it would look great on my kitchen counter and I also thought I could make it escape proof easier than most other tanks."
I bought it at Beldts Aquarium In Missouri on a consignment sale.
Here is one place I found it on the web. I bought mine for 250.00
they say new it is
Retail Price: $558.00
Their Price: $559.00

which you can find at Nautical Home at
I know nothing of the company or their customer service.
And Marine depot which you can find at
Which I have dealt with and found their service good.
Theirs sellls for $562.00 not sure if shipping is in either's price.