Chad’s 310g Mixed Reef Build


Hey guys! Been a member on here for years ever since my little 29 gallon hob setup. But haven’t been on in awhile. But for the past 5-6 months I’ve been busy with a new build at my house. It’s a 310gallon 96”x30”x25” Planet Aquarium Mega Matrix tank with a diy stand me and my dad built. It will be a mixed reef, starting off with a lot of softies and lps and some of the few easier to keep sps and we will see how that goes before I start dipping into the harder to keep stuff. The plan is to have the tank be as fully automated as possible, automated testing, water changes, ATO, feeders, dosers, Hydros controllers.

So far I’d say I’m about 3/4 of the way through the build. I’m going to be leak testing the tank and the plumbing I’ve finally finished here in the next week or two. Onto some pics of where the tank is at currently:462D827E-BB1B-43F5-94AE-C6A1830080CA.jpegB4947436-3F69-475C-9C49-AC5746DEF65B.jpeg2789FC87-5EE4-46E3-BC1E-F7AFDF41AB66.jpeg6BE7327A-F000-48E1-90EA-951FCA3A294D.jpeg


Like I said it still isn’t completely finished, some minor things need changed, such as removing the brass hose connection fitting for a plastic fitting, I just threw that on for it to look finished till I get the correct piece.

As far as equipment goes I have:
•Dual Returns Maxspect MJ-DC12K pumps
•Reef Octopus Regal 250-INT
•(2) Red Sea ReefWave 45 gyres
•(2) Eheim Jager 300watt heaters
•Hydros Control 4
•Hydros XP8
•Hydros WiFi power strip
•Hydros AutoFeeder
•Hydros Leak Detector
•Hydros water level sensor
•Kamoer X2SR Auto Water Change unit w/ATO
•Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One 6000 pump for mixing station
•Titanium grounding probe
•(2)Kill-A-Watt Surge Protectors

Still Need:
•Another Hydros XP8
•Hydros Wave Engine
•(4) Reef Octopus OctoPulse 4’s
•Pentair 80watt UV
•Sicce pump for UV for ich management
•(3) Kessil a500x w/A-series mounting arms
•Custom screen top lids by Reefin’ Ain’t Ezy
•Either Dosetronic or Hydros Dosers

Right now I’m at the point where I’m just ready to get the tank cycling. So I’m not concerned with having ALL of that still need equipment list bought right away. Some things I can hold off on for a little bit such as the mastertronic and dosers and lights. Obviously will want the lights once I’m ready for fish and corals.

I’m also waiting on a couple people to get shipments of Australian live rock in as I’ll be adding about 10lbs of Australian live rock to my scape once I get it in the next 4-6 weeks and have cured it as well as 10-15lbs of KP Aquatics live rock.

But that’s pretty much it for now! Feel free to leave a comment on what you guys think below. I’ll add a post on this thread of my fish stocking list that I’ve been trying to get kind of ironed out the last month or so as well. Will definitely be a bit of tang gang, small school or two of some fish, couple triggers, etc. I’ll post that stocking list idea in a bit. Thanks guys!
Also have a reef/saltwater hobby specific Instagram page if anyone wants to drop their Instagram handles for a follow or can follow my page @ cincyreef07
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Thanks guys! I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated with any and all progress. Will be leak testing the plumbing sometime in the next week or two. I’ll post up a possible fish stocking list today or tomorrow also, see if you guys have any thoughts on it


Amazing progress, any updated tank shots?
Thanks guys! As of right now, not much progress since the last post. I added a shelf to hold my Kamoer X2SR water change unit above my sump. I still have to get in touch with coralvue to get more tubing to run my lines for the auto water change as what comes with it, isn’t enough for my setup. I don’t have a picture but I wrapped the un-finished box out around some ductwork to the right of my sump with more frp paneling this past weekend. I also ordered some barnacles from ReefCleaners to play around with the idea of attaching them to my center overflow to hide it in a more natural way as well as to provide a little hiding spot/home for any smaller fish such as gobies or basslets I may put into the tank. Still playing around with that idea
I’ll be ordering tomorrow my Pentair 80watt UV and 4 Octo-Pulse4 powerheads along with a Hydros Wave-Engine. Hopefully have that stuff by the end of the week. And ordering 15lbs of Australian Live rock at the end of this week as well. 9CB5DA54-642F-4C95-82EF-0C22B2B71E0E.jpegCF21E294-C091-4882-A285-DBF429071DF3.jpeg88F28904-416D-43AB-AC09-90981887EE68.jpeg9E96449E-FD6A-4DAD-B343-135CC4BAF521.jpegBF2869AC-2B92-4C26-A128-6781F98FC6C8.jpeg982F6DC6-E69C-4CF1-A94F-B7DCDB3833AA.jpeg