Chaetomorpha, Anyone?


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Harvest time, and I've got a big ziplock full. If anyone wants chaeto, let me know. I was going to toss it like usual but if a fellow reefer needs some, I've got some. I'll chuck it tomorrow if no wants it.
What would cause Cheato to not grow? I have had a softball sized clump for about 5 months now under a small corkscrew PC type bulb and am getting very little growth, pretty much un-noticable.
Insufficient nutrients? I grow the stuff like crazy. I tend to have some nitrates, 5-10 PPM present. Insufficient lighting? I don't have crazy lighting, 32W PC over my fuge. Maybe pH, alkalinity?
Someone that actually knows ought to chime in here.
I'm in the exact same boat as TikiDan -- same size clump, same light bulb, same zero growth. It doesn't die, it just doesn't get any bigger.

Does it make sense to try to make it grow, or is that just a sign that I don't have a lot of spare nutrients in my system (and maybe therefore should I be feeding more so that the things I care about aren't nutrient poor?)
Mine grows and used to serve a huge colony of pods. Since I moved it into another tank and then back during a REDBUG issue, the pod colony never got going again.

If anyone in San Jose wants a ball of Chaeto, let me know, I can spare a bit.

From reading previous things about cheato is that besides the rolling motion/tumbling in the water ( aids in equal distribution of light to all of the ball ) Chealated Iron does aid in the growth and health of the Cheato... My Cheato ball is still alive and pretty well..