Chalice eating a bristle worm?


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So I came home to see what I thought was a bristle worm attacking my mummy eye chalice. But upon closer inspection I realized the chalice was eating the bristle worm (or at least that's what it looked like to me). Has anyone seen this happen before?


I am now hoping that my chalice can get some nutrients from the numerous bristle worms in my tank. Any thoughts? Also I wonder how it managed to catch the little guy?:spin2:


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that's cool. i used to feed my acans whatever bristle worms i find. :)

Wow really? I never thought to do that. I always thought the corals would get irritated by them. Did you ever have any problems with the acans getting upset by eating bristle worms?

What kind of chalice is that? I'm gonna have to get one? lol

I'll try that tonight! I thought nothing eats those! lol

It's an original mummy eye chalice.