Change from a fish tank to a reef tank ( with PICs ) ^^


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Hello everybody,

I'm new to this forum. It's so nice to be here and everybody is helping each other. I have a 20G tank and used to put fish only ( some aggressive one's)
I only had a filter and a small skimmer. And a 65W power compact lights. But after my light was broken. Everything changed then. I bought a metal halide. The water started to overhead even I had a fan on. Then I bought an AC. after that I think I need some coral. But can't control the water quality well. And I added a 10G sump for refugium. And I think my old skimmer isn't working well, then I bought a better skimmer with a UV in it.I've changed the tank from fish too reef for about a month. And i would love to share with you guys. I know is a shame to show a 20G where most everybody have a 90 ~200up here. I would love to have one but I can't have that big for the apartment. :(
Welcome for any comment. Thanks for looking.










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your 20 gallon is prettier than my 125. it's not the size, it's how you use it.

welcome aboard!


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In that second photo you have quite a mass of what looks like bubble algae (Valonia). You may want to get them out if they are Valonia.


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yea bubble algae sucks. i would suggest an emerald mythrix crab or two. they demolished my bubble algae in 2 days. nice tank though!


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Thank you so much guys !!!!
One question, what does the bubble algae do??
Are they not good for the tank or do something bad?
SO I can get rid of them by put a emerald crab in?


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bubble algae is ugly in most peoples opinions and if you pop them spores go everywhere and you get tons of it everywhere. mine got so dab at one point there were bubbles of the algae floating around everywhere. sooo pretty much its ugly is the main problem. i wouldnt suggest trying to pull it off unless you absolutely know what your doing. >.< OH! and my emeralds also destroyed my hair algae :). i love those crabs


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I never know there is a crab can solve the HAIR ALGAE problem
The bubble algae is ok for me, not too ugly..
But the hair algae !!! I wanna get rid of them.
I'm looking forward to buy a emerald crab now!