changed from Reeflux 12000k to 10000k.


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Reeflux 12000 k [250w, HQI magnetic ballast, 2 actinics] wasn't doing it in my 54 wedge. No coral growth, unhappy brain coral.

Changed it out to a 10000k same brand: immediate extension by the brain at feeding, little less extension from higher-up lps---will use caution about initial photoperiod.

What was disturbing was a discoloration of my fixture base on one pole of the old mh bulb, general darkening of the bulb after 6 mos, and disintegration of the bulb metal end clip when pulled out. Not pleased.

I do believe in the company however, and am getting much better initial response from corals out of the 10000k: will be increasing photoperiod every 2 days until full period. I wish I had the bluish coloring of the 12000k---the 10000k is a bit yellower---but not as yellow as Ushio.

Just a general 'to whom it may concern.'
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thats because 12k reflux bulb have horrible PAR while the 10k performs about average.

The 400w SE's have pretty good numbers.