Cheap volume counter


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Has anyone used something like this for water changes and such?

I'm sick of lugging 5 gallons at a time from my tank to dispose of and 5 gallons at a time up stairs for water changes. I currently use 5x 5 gallon buckets. I fill up 4 with mixed saltwater from the mixing station and lug them up stairs. Then with the 5th bucket I pump water from the sump and tank into it and dump it, lugging it to the drain 4 times, then pump the water out of the other four buckets into the tank/sump.

I'd like to hook a pump to the tank, measure out 20 gallons with something like this while dumping it into the drain, then pump directly from my mixing station in the basement with another meter so I can exchange a very close amount.

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with these cheapo things.

Vinny Kreyling

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When I did maintenance --
Made a "hook from 1" PVC with a strainer to remove water from tank to a drain like a sink or toilet.
Depth in tank determines amount removed, this can be found by marking the end with a black marker on your next water change. When siphon breaks it stops.
Had a container "brute garbage can" on a lower level with the same amount of salt water & just pumped it back into the tank. Easy Peasy & no chance of a flood.
I made this for my own tank.


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5g is 1155 cubic inch. Use your tank dimensions to calculate 1155 cu. in. in your tank, and make a mark using a sharpie. use this mark as your guidance. No need for a counter.