cheato micro algea


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my cheato seems to be dissolving, it arrived in poor condition about a week ago in bloody red water. It sould have been shipped overnight, all the little critters that were supposed to be in it were all dead. I rinsed the cheato out with water and placed it in my fish tank, in a corner away from everything, i was told the stuff is tuff to kill and would come around...

well the stuff is green but everyday I look it's gets like mush and seems to just be disolving away...

am i not taking care of the stuff properly or is it dieing from the shipment...

i have light on it, is there anything else i'm supposed to be doing to it?

(i have no vegeterian fish in the tank nipping at it) (somtimes i see my clown nipping at capods living in it though)

thanx ahead for any help



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i do run a metal hylide... i'll try puting it in a darker corner....

i'll keep you posted...

anybody else have any suggestions?


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I don't think it is your light nathan. I would give it a couple of more days and see what happens. If it still looks bad after a couple of days just yank it and I will replace it.


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I noticed you rinsed it... was that with fresh water? or with salt...

If fresh that may not have helped.... I've never had a problem with chaeto and even 3 days worth of shipping.