cheato not growing


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i been fighting red slime algee for bout month and a half it wasnt bad mostly on my sand ( i had 2 phosphote reacrots running with Phos Guard abd PhosBan ) i did few extra water changes and looks like im winning the war! red slime goes away slowly and now its almost all gone....a week ago or so i added a dual reactor from BRS to run carbon as well as suggested by many (put some more PhosGiuard in the second chamber) .....what i noticed that my cheato has stoped growing ( i even changed the bulb again i use the home depot CF 6500K daylight bulb) so to my question is light enough to grow cheato? i dont test my phosphates but with 3 reactors in use i assume its very low ( my front glass gets covered with coraline algee faster than with the green algee ) .....some people claim they toss out handfulls every month or so even before i had the reactors going mine wasnt growing fast at all ...... any imput is great thanks mario


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I would think the wattage of the bulb, not necesarilly the color (k) indication is what's important. Try a higher wattage--it works in mine, with only a 40 watt flourescent tube turned on in an 8 hour contra-cycle to the main tank lights--mine is in a refugium under the main tank.


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I use a standard 60w lightbulb and mine grows like a weed. The main thing that I have found is there needs to be a little extra current, so I put a really small PH in my fuge to help circulate the water, and it has grown well ever since