Check out my list please


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Here is the list

So I have 55 gallon tank, 60lbs of LR, 80lbs of LS, 30 gallon sump part of which is 10 gallon fuge with chaeto:

What I have:

Snowflake eel
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Green Chromis
Blue Damsel
Long Polyp Leather Coral
Green Polyp Coral
Hermits and Snails as a CUC

What I would like:

Red Hawkfish
Pair of Black Ocellaris Clownfish

Pulsating Zenia as a few other softies.

Does anyone see any issues, other than the green chromis being chased around by the damsel, which I already know and am working on finding him a new home. TIA


That's not a salmon
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Honestly, I think you are pretty full, once the eel and lion are full grown, especially with as much live rock as you have. While snowflakes are a pebble toothed eel, often considered relatively fish safe, IME snowflake eels:

1) Are more likely than other pebble toothed eels to prey on fish
2) Will try, and usually succeed, to escape from your tank

IMO, if you get rid of the snowflake, and get a smaller eel or eel-like fish (wolf eel blenny, engineer goby or dwarf golden moray) you could add the small hawk and ocellaris clowns. The red hawkfish should be peaceful with the fish (if you are talking about a flame hawk, which stays small and is relatively less predatory). If you are talking any other species, I would leave off the hawk.


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Ok sounds good thanks for all the help, still trying to figure this out, and from what I understand it takes along time haha.