Check out these new Calcium Reactors

Brent Thomann

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Very Interesting, its like a Multi Reactor!

Also kind of like the Schuran Jetstreams but uses lest CO2, putting less cO2 in your system.

AquaCare Calcium Reactor



ReefKeeping Mag staff
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I had enough trouble figuring out how to work mine .This looks like it needs a team of engineers and accountants.
I don't worry alot about the CO2 since I balance the reactor by dosing limewater(kalk). This allows me to not push the reactor with low ph effluent or high effluent flow since it is not the sole source of alkalinity and calcium.It still
doses just the right amount o0f CO2 to offset the CO2 consuming,ph boosting limewater. By dosing the limewater as top off at night and running the reactor 24/7 I am able to maintain steady ph between 8,25 and 8.35with nice an d high alkalinity(4.0 meq/l) and calcium (510ppm).Besides if I wanted to lower effluent ph from the reactor a DIY second chamber would be relatively easy to do. I also think there are benefits from the self purifying limewater such as the potetial for phosphate precipitation. Growth has been very good since I started conssitent limewater dosing.