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Where's Lahey?
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So is he!

I'm not touching that one, I can feel the cuttlefish army swarming:lol:


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That's Rich, right? (Thales?)

Is he on RC?

If so, I want to talk to him! That looks like Kuk Sool Won! I did that back in the day. Got up to Dan Bo Nym (almost black belt). Rich! PM me!


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That guy in the pic is a jerk! Abusing that child! :D

Hey Dan Bo Nym. From now you I guess you have to call me Kyo Sa Nim. :D Shoot me an email or hit me on the BAR site.

I haven't been training since the new job, but I start again this week.

The rest of you....cuttlefish will visit you in the night! Character is what you are in the dark! What is the greatest joy? The joy of duty!