Chemi-Pure question


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Just received the Chemi-Pure 64OZ I ordered yesterday.
I thought it was just a bigger size with several units in it.
My mistake.
It says it treats 175-200 Gallon Tanks.
I only have a 95 gallon tank with 15 gallon sump.

Could I still use this unit or will this "overdose" the tank

Thanks for any help
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your post, using this product will not overdose your tank, depending on the amount of bioload ( waste) you have in your tank will determine the life expectancy of the product. As far as being detrimental to your system, there is no cause for concern.

I hope this was helpful

Walter F

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thank you for the quick response and information.
Really appreciate it.

It is this kind of custumor service that makes a difference.
You are for sure on top of the list for my next purchases.