Chemistry issue


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Ok I'm not sure if my tests are bad or what but my results have been odd lately. I just tested again today and my levels are as follows. Salinity 1.026, Alk 9.2dkh (good), Cal 370ppm (low I know trying to boost), ph 7.8 ( slightly low), and Mag 1500+ (super high). Just thought it was odd that calcium was low and magnesium was high. Any idea what's goin on or are my results typical? I've been carbon dosing for a couple years and use BIonic daily, never had an imbalance like this. thanks for any input.


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Those numbers look ok.
I have no way of knowing whether your tests are accurate.
If they are accurate a bit of calcium chloride would help the calcium.
FYI nsw levels at ph 8.2 are :
calcium 412ppm/ recommended range 380 to 450ppm,
magnesium 1280/ recommended range 1250 to 1350ppm ,
alk 7dkh/ recommended range 7 to 11 dkh .
Salt mix can influence those concentrations quite a bit too. Testing mixed salt water aerated overnight can give you aclue there.

1500ppm mag is not a worry. It will come down over time if water changes are done with a low magnesium mix.

Caclium will only deplete at 20ppm for each dkh of alk used a bit less when mag is high. So, I suspect testing error or a low concentration in the salt mix or in the calcium part of the two part. Sometimes salt mix will losse it's homogeneity in the bucket.