chicken wire


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anyone know where i can buy chicken wire? something with a small mesh like the ones that people put on body kits for cars. need to put it on the back of my tank so that my mystery wrasse doesn't commit suicide...


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Chicken wire will corrode and rust. It is not a good solution to jumpers. Here is a link to a mesh that can be used with a common window screening kit you buy at a home improvement store:

It is 1/4" and will keep the smallest fish inside where it belongs. Here's a picture of my tank cover:


I've heard of some reefers using plastic gutter guard also, but it has larger openings. Hope you find the right solution for your situation.


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the back of my canopy is open so I put some eggcrate standing on end there. Works so far in keeping my jawfish and nerite snails inside.


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Not to sound like a stickler, but isn't it possible for the fish to jump AND get caught in the mesh? I'd rather go the safer route and use glass or some thicker acrylic.


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I would prefer something like what EllieSuz did in the back of my canopy. But due to the way my return line is, it would be difficult. The spraybars would get in the way if I was to mesh the top of the tank. I want to keep the back of the canopy open for some air exchange. my T5's dont get THAT hot but I do notice a difference when I open the canopy for feedings.


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U can use bird netting that is put over fruit trees with the window frame . the holes in it are 3/8 inch and the netting is only like 10$ at home depot


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I used (white artist stiff plastic canvas) it is a plastic sheet with about 1/8" holes in it that i picked up at Walmart in the craft section works great.