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Hi all! I recently got a used one of these - 1/10 HP Max-Chill Titanium Chiller
It's a 1/10hp model. One of the 1/2" hose fittings are broken and I would like to get a replacement. I found them on the manufacturer website but they are wholesale only and have not returned my emails. Is there another place to get these from retail? Will other brands fit?? Thanks for the help in advance!
I have seen them thanks. I don't know if these are standard sized between brands but the links you shared are for Active Aqua and my chiller is an AquaEuroUSA brand. They do look the same but are they interchangeable? That's the question.
These are the correct brand but the website says wholesale only and they want min $27 for shipping! Plus they don't disclose the purchase price.... pretty odd I think.

I guess I could just order from Amazon and send them back if they are not the right size but figured I would ask around a bit first.
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Ok here's my follow up. I received the parts from Amazon that were listed as fitting

Hydrofarm AACHF1 Active Aqua AACH10​

These do fit my AquaEuroUSA 1/10hp chiller perfectly and are a quality item. They happened to come with both 1/2 and 3/4 fittings which was not listed in the description.
I am happy with them and glad I made the purchase.
Hope this helps someone else out.