Chiller Questions


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We have a 50 gallon open top LPS tank in our bedroom. This, unfortunately is on the southwest corner of our house and gets baked during the afternoon and evenings. The central AC is a joke and can not keep up when the ambient air temp hits 86 degrees. Tank temp last night at 10pm was 85, normally 79. We knew this would be a problem when we set up the tank last fall, so now is the time to deal with it - before summer temps hit 90-100 degrees.

Anyhoo, how do you cool your tank during the summer?

I had been thinking of getting a chiller, but I am not sure if that would be the best solution. Room AC? Portable AC unit? Fan blowing over the top of the tank? other?

Thanks for your help.



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A chiller will obviously be your most effective option, but also your most expensive. I'd suggest getting a small fan or two blowing accross the top of your tank and see what happens. Beware though, you're going to need alot more topoff with this option, but it is the cheapest/easiest.


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Thanks, I am going to get a couple small fans tomorrow and see what happens. Whats another gallon or two of evaporative loss per day;)


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Fans are good anyways - the help exchange CO2 and keep PH up. I am not sure how effective a portable A/C would be, but I have a very nice Haager 10,000 BTU for $120 for sale (reg $500). You need somewhere to vent it, though.