chloramine removal using RO/DI -- best way?


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What is the best way to remove chloramine?
I've been using two carbon blocks prior to the RO, and a Chloramine removal DI cart after the RO membrane.
*Is the chloramine removal cart overkill? and I'm better off using a plane mixed bed DI cart here? Right now I have membrane, then Chloramine cart, then mixed bed cart.
*If using carbon is the best way, is there a certain carbon type that removes chloramine? I thought that carbon removes only chloramine, though reading retailers' web sites, they are suggesting that is not the case. If someone can clear this up, with my above questions, that would be great. Search is not available to me.

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As Blue said, catalytic carbon is the best available technology for chloramine removal now. Regular GAC and DI resin are only partially effective. Carbon blocks are less effective than GAC but as he also pointed out use one after the catalytic to trap any fines or suspended matter that would come from the carbon wearing down.


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thanks everyone,
I took the advice, and got cat carbon, rinsed it, put it between the sediment and the carbon block.