Choosing First 3 Fish, Looking for A Companion with my Ocellaris Pair.


I'm choosing my first three fish and two will be an Ocellaris pair that I'll get Captive Bred (fortunately I can find them in China). The third fish is one where I am not sure what to get. Ideally, it must be long-lived, hardy, and can get along with the Clowns. Here's what I am thinking so far. It'll be a completely new tank:

1. Ocellaris pair + Yellow Watchman Goby

2. Ocellaris pair + a Basslet (Royal Gramma or Swissguard Basslet)

3. Ocellaris pair + a Halichoeres genus Wrasse (Yellow Coris, Melanurus, Red Lined, Christmas, Adorned)

4. Ocellaris pair + Yellow Assessor (If I can find one)

5. Ocellaris pair + Yellow Candy Hogfish

6. Ocellaris pair + Lined Wrasse (Four, Mystery, Six)

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to make other comments or suggestions.

I'll try to get my fish as small as possible, preferably 1.5-2.5 inches. This is to ensure they're young and will live for as long adventures possible.


P.S. It will not be an open-top tank. It will have a solid mesh cover to prevent any fish from jumping, and I heard I also have to seal the overflow to stop fish like Gobies and Wrasses from jumping?