Christmas Favia issues


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I have a nice sized Christmas Favia that has been doing fine for a couple months and suddenly it's started to cover itself in slime every night. Yesterday I noticed the skin decaying. All my perimeters are good. Not sure what's up. Any help would be appreciated. I have a few other SPS in the tank doing well. But 3 favias that just don't ever look happy. War coral, maze brain, and xmas just haven't looked happy lately. I would love to include photos but not sure how to.


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You may want to try in the LPS forum, make sure to post your calc/alk/magnesium/salinity parameters.


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The only time that I had problems with my Christmastime Favia was when my nitrates and phosphates had bottomed out and stayed that way. It developed gel like dead/dying tissue. The flesh started to recede exposing skeleton. Other then that it had always been a hardy coral.

The other possibility is that something may be stinging it. I have that going on now. A chalice is attacking it and the flesh is receding.

Your best bet is to follow Organism's suggestion. The LPS Forum has the refeers to walk you through this.

Good Luck.