Clam buying places?

I haven’t bought any clams from them but I’ve heard great things about Pacific East Aquaculture and their clams.

I’ve only bought clams from Petco (both of which died due to my own negligence not theirs)
I am leary about clams online for some reason. I got mine locally, not many local places have good selections anymore, but I found one here that had some decent clams recently.

I have not purchased a clam in a while. I do agree with MtnDewMan somewhat about buying clams online because I have had clams die in shipping. Seeing is always better.

That said I would probably still buy online from a reputable source.

I have never bought from them but as mentioned above I have know allot of people to have had good luck with Dr Mac Pacific East Aquaculture.

John I believe Algae Barn caries ORA and Biota. I have had good luck with ORA but never tried a Biota clam.

ReefBuilders has a good video on the Biota clam farm:

Clams are just so hard to get really healthy. I have picked them up right at Liveaquaria back in the day and had issues.
It is one of those things to where I have had a clam doing well for several years and introduce a new clam and loose both.
Once I get one healthy I do not add anymore.