Clam enemy???


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After a year of setting up my 90g reef, I took the plunge today and purchased two crocea clams today from the LFS as my first starter clams. So far, both are doing great with their mantles fully extended. A good sign right?

What I was wondering is do hitchhiker crabs pose any threat to clams? I just took a peek at the tank tonight to check on my newest additions; (clams of course) and they are still looking good. I know crabs can become a threat but do they generally go after clams is what I am asking?

I know I have at least 6 crabs that came with the LR (don't we all :rolleyes:.) I tried desperately tonight for 2 hours to net them out without any luck. :( The biggest crab from what I could see was a good 2" in size. This is what worries me most. :mad: Am I just overreacting or should I leave the crabs alone? I want to get them out immediately if need be.

Where can I find crab traps to help me catch em?

For those of you do have crabs, have they gone after your clams? Thanks in advance from a worried newbie clam owner. :confused:
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Just an update. As of this morning, I eliminated at least 2 of the bigger crabs. I dipped the rock both crabs were hiding in super salty water. Both fleed the rock like there was no tommorow. 2 down and 4 to go. I feel so much better right now. :D
I read somewhere that a way to catch crabs is to bait a tall skinny glass with fresh shrimp or clam in it put it upright next to the rock the crab is in just before lights out. Apparently the crab can't climb back out of the glass because of the smooth sides.

And yes there are some crabs that go after clams. You might want to do some research on what type of crabs hitched a ride into your tank.