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A couple months ago my fiance picked out a clam for my tank. It was a nice maxima about 2-2.5 inches. The clam was on eggcrate when I purchased it. When I bought it I remember him grabbing a tool and slidding it under the clam to remove it, he mentioned something about it being attached. I have read you have to be pretty delicate with their foot, he didn't seem to be.
The first couple of days it looked great, mantle was nicely extended. It never attached itself to the rock I set it on after bringing it home even though I placed it on the rock several times. I would place it on a rock then it would shift direction either from itself or the flow in my tank. I eventually gave up and kept it in the sand. As time went by it seemed to be getting less and less healthy, The mantle wouldn't extend like it used to. One day I had put it on the same rock which is close to the sand and when I came home it had fallen over and there were nassarius snails on it. Yup, it was dead.

What would have caused the death of my clam? Is it lack of lighting? I am running 2 Iwasaki 15k's on my 75 gallon tank, seems plenty bright. Is it lack of feeding? I wasn't feeding Phyto. Is the the stress of moving it around trying to find the right spot? Was the foot damaged when it was sold to me? I eventually gave up and kept it in the sand.

I would like to try another clam but I don't want it to suffer the same fate. My fiance still gives me a guilt trip over it, I have a hard enough time getting her interested in the tank as it is. Any advice for me guys?

Here is a pic of the clam the 2nd day I had it RIP
<a href="" title="CIMG2039 by stevemartins, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="768" alt="CIMG2039" /></a>
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if you want another clam i would recommend the didvers den or anyhting from dr.fosters and smith, i got 2 clams from them and there still doing great, the maxima came attached to little rocks and the squamosa goes in the sand. I would recommend a squamosa if your not sure about the light because they dont need as much light, but i heard they grow big, anyway i dont have a clue why your clam died because i think it could be any of those reasons but most likely from the LFS,and have you checked your calcium, im going threw alot with three clams