Clam ID


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Hopefully some one can positively ID these clams for me. The one on the right I bought as a squamosa and is 2" long. The one on the left I bought as a Crocea and is 1-3/4" long. I'm pretty sure the squamosa is right ( actual color bown & tan ) but not real sure on the second. Thanks in advance.
Clam Photo
Hmmmm.....the left looks like a maxima to me. The scutes aren't usually that pronounced on a crocea, no? The right sure looks like a squamosa!

Clams that small need fed tons of live phyto. Are you "bowl feeding" DTs to these guys? If not, it would probably be in their best interest and give them the best chance to reaching adulthood. There is a recent thread about this....

Nice clams!
Thanks! I also followed the thread for feeding small clams. I've been putting them in a speciman container hanging in the tank and adding 1 tsp DT's for about 30 minutes every 3 days. I am also increasing the DT's in my tank to 1/4 cup every other day for the next week and then go to 1/4 cup daily ( yes I will be culturing my own phyto ). Should this be enough or will I still need to feed the clams seperate?
Sounds like you're good to go!! :)

No need to seperate. I've seen pictures of 2 dozen or so clams in a feeding bowl.

Best of luck
Sorry ... I feed the 2 together ..... but with the added dosage of DT's will I still need to feed them seperate from the main tank?