Clam in 10 gallon


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What clam could I keep in a 10 gallon under 2x32 pc lighting? What will I have to dose or is Tropic Marin salt good enough to sustain a clam? I know water conditions must be great. All my levels read 0 and I only have one banggai.


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Probably not a good environment for a clam given it's light requirements and your lighting, but I've heard the hippopus hippopus clams are tolerant of lesser lighting conditions. Most of the Tridacnids will get too large and demand too much light and water stability for a 10 gallon system.


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I would suggest the book "Giant Clams" by Daniel Knop. This is the clam keepers bible, and will help you to make informed decisions about your tank.

Personally I don't think dual 32w lights are going to cut it.

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Hello. These other two guys are very wise. Their comments are right on. I personally think your system is to small for a clam. Your lighting may support a hippopus. But I have a hippopus that is so big your could not put him into a 10 gallon of worst get him out of one! The other problem with clams is you just cannot have ONE! You get that first one and one day you wake up and your are counting 10,11,12 clams. They are something very special!