Clam is closed


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I've had my Squamosa clam for several years. He's about 4" now about double what he was when I got him. He's seen quite a few disasters, including a 4 day power outage, this past December.

Lately the clam has been closed more often. When it is open it looks fine, no gaping, or marks. Mantle is extended. Its just closed up more often.

I have a crocea about 1/3 that size which I've had about a year. It doesn't seem to be closing up as much.

Cause for concern?


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Any fish or inverts picking at it? How about after the lights go out, notice anything aggravating it? Any corals / anemones near-by? Any change in water parameters? As you can see it can be any number of things. Pics would be helpful as well as more info about your tank.


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No major changes in water params, I haven't seen any fish picking although my Hippo tang used to pick him up and drop him in holes when he was small. :rolleyes:

He does have Majano anemones on his shell but this is an ongoing battle I've been having for years and I remove them if they are near the mantle. As you can see he's open and happy today. Yesterday he wasn't; tomorrow: who knows?





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Update: Day two without a problem


Orange shouldered tang
Regal Blue Tang
4 line wrasse
Talbots damselfish
Clarkii Clownfish
Two spot Foxface

Motile Inverts
2 Brittle Stars
2 Scarlett Hermits
2 Mithrax crabs.

Haven't seen anything picking at it.


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watch the tangs from a distance but nothing obvious in the list.....

next time he's closed try covering him with half a pop bottle ( with small holes for flow ) and see if he opens back up.

good luck