Clam keeps pushing itself over


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I have a 2" Maxima placed on the sandbed in my sps tank directly under a 250w Iwasaki. It expands nicely and seems healthy in all respects. The problem I'm having is that it keeps pushing itself over on its side. To date, I haven't tried moving it or placing it on the rockwork (I really don't have any room to do anything.) All parameters are very good and all corals in the tank grow very quickly. Can anyone give me any ideas as to how I can make the clam happy? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Try moving it from directly under the halide to another area on the sandbed. At 2" it needs more phytoplankton then light, and may not be happy where you've placed it.
Should have done that without asking you guys. I will move it tonight and see if it will stay put. I have DT's and would like a suggestion on dosing. The tank is a severely overcrowded (almost all sps) 4'x2'x18" with one 250 Iwasaki and 3 46.5" VHO's. I am dosing kalk and bionic until I can get the reactor going. I got the clam from ORA when I asked for a test clam to see if my navarchus would leave them alone. I wanted an ugly, deformed, CHEAP clam, but they sent a very nice Maxima instead. How much and how often would you think I should add the DT's to keep the clam happy?

I think you should do you best to find a place somewhere on the rockwork to place the clam. T. maxima are found almost exclusively on hard substrate in the wild and would almost certainly be happier on a rock. Failing that, try placing a small rock/coral skeleton/bivalve shell underneath it as a place to attach to.
I had a maxima do the same as yours,always on it's side.At that time everybody was telling me to change the clams placement by putting it higher etc.But,every time you do this you scare the living hell out of those clams.What my clam needed was organic food not lighting.They need a lot of lighting at 4" and up. I feed my new baby clams 2-3 times a week in a floater,put the clams and phytoplankton in and float the container in the tank or refugium for 1/2 hour .One more important thing ,don't try putting the clam high up in the tank, you will only stress it further, they don't need strong lighting they need phyto.Put the clam in a small half shell in the bottom of the tank ( if possible in indirect lighting ) feed it and it should do find unless there are parastitic snails.BTW put enough phyto. in your container so that the water turns to a medium green.
good luck