Clam Prices


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I frequently fly to Hong Kong and like to go to the "Goldfish Market". That is actually about 2 blocks of almost entirely Fish Stores. Of those, about 10% have saltwater stock. It's easy for me to spend a couple hours each time just window shopping.

What strikes me is how cheap everything is there. The only stuff that isn't cheap (understandably) is anything from the Carribean like a Royal Gramma.

I was particularly interested in the Tridacnid clams. From the little local and internet shopping I have done, it seems you have to spend around $80-$90 for a 3 inch Crocea for example.

How much does the size of the clam affect it's value? Are the measurements on the shell length I assume?

The Hong Kong clams seem substantially larger and are only around $40 for the largest (4-5"). I want to see if it is worth the money and paperwork to get a re-export license.


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There has been some debate about clam measurement. Some say it should be from tip to tip but arround the radius of the shell. And others say tip to tip no radious included. I agree with the tip to tip no radius just for it's simplicity.

I have heard that the cites permits cost about $150 per permit. Most etailers sell 3" crocea's for the $40 to $50 range. My personal opinion is that it sounds like a huge undertaking to personally import clams. Maybe if you could get in with a person who collects and exports and get a good price on large lots of clams it may be worth it. That is if you could easily offload them in the states to retailers. Also if you could cherry pick some maxima's or squamosa's, then you could turn a higher profit. For example, a couple of weeks ago there was a 1" maxima clam sold on Ebay for $410. and it wasn't special IMO. Lately there has been very few of them over here, seems like everyone has crocea's though.

Now if you are looking to just cherry pick yourself some clams for your personal tank, I would stick with buying them over here from reputible sellers. For one, you keep your money here local, and also you know that reputible vendors pick over thier clams they sell with a fine tooth comb. Less chances of disease or parasites, let alone the worry of the clam dieing 2 weeks after the purchase for unforseen reasons.

Clam keeping is exploding in the hobby and there is less and less clams on the market it seems. If you do import some it wouldn't be hard to sell them.