Clam Question

Well there is no way to be sure but, there are some things to look for.

Bad Things......

Bleached out central areas
Gaping Incurrent siphons
Curled or pinched up mantles

Good Things

Color that remains consistent throughout the mantle
Good Mantle extension
An incurrent siphon which is relatively shut

Best of luck, Rob
the reason I am asking is that I have just purchased one, (Last Saturday) and my Narsisus Snals are starting to congerate around it. In fact almost all the snals are around the clam and the clam is opening and closing, knowking them off. When I moved the clam the snals stayed at the location for a while and then moved off.

From outword appeareances everything looks good, it is opening and closing and the coloration is good.


That's one beautiful clam! Those snails better knock it off! He looks healthy to me, but I'm a relative clam newbie.
Thank you, I think he is a beautiful clam also,


He was open this evening when I got home and there seemed to be nothing wrong, he had also moved himself to what he thought was a better spot. There were no snals around him. Tomorrow will be interesting.
I noticed your clam is on the sand. I was diving a couple weeks ago and every clam I saw was tightly wedged in a rock structure. Really I don't really know much about clams, I don't have one, but just wanted to share my observation.

coralreefengr: Not to hijack the thread, but.... I noticed you are from CO -- where do you dive? CA?
my clam is moving around a bit, so I will probably have to put him between rocks myself. it is interesting to see him trvell.

Newb again here, so fwiw: I think Max and Crocea are both rock boring clams in nature. Most people I know (including me) keep them both on the sand anyway. When I had my max on/in the rocks he always jumped off. He seems to be much happier on the sandbed.

I have Knopp's book, I just need to read it :rolleyes:
Hey holeinone1972..

What does Curled or pinched up mantles look like??