Clam tank lighting!

jim norris

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Share with me what you have. I think I have finally gotten the perfect lighting on my 120 gallon tank (48x24x24). I have two 400 watt sakis 65k and 7 110 VHOs URI 03s. The lighting is AWESOME. Now right next to my 120 I have a 65 gallon (36x18x24) Right now I have just upgraded from one 400 watt saki 65k and 4 95 watt VHOs URI 03s to two 400 watt 10,000k ushios with 2 95 watt VHOs URI 03s. I waiting to see on the 10ks burn in to compare.
P.S. TXU Electic Company has now put me on their Christmas card list!
Jim, are you going to get a chiller? I was running those 400watters 6,500K and without a chiller I was in the range of 86 -88 with 4 x 4" fans in 12" canopy and a fan over the sump and I know it doen't get as hot here as it does there.

I went back to 3 x 250 Iswaksi w/ 2 x 140 watt actinic VHO and now keeping temp at 80 - 83. I also thought the 400 watt saki were more yellow than the 250 saki. I think Sue said the samething can't remember if it was her or someone else. On the other hand you have a lot of actinic suppliments.



PS I am going with 2 x 150 watt HQI on the new tank as it is shallow (17") and with the LR and crate the clams should be about 10" from the top.
My temp runs 80 to 81. My hood is totaly open! Yes the saki 400 65k are very yellow but with 7 110 watt VHOs URI 03 actinics the combo is perfect.
I have a 75 gallon tank with 2 X 250/6500 and 440 VHO. I love the look that the VHO adds. I have 4 maximas and 1 dersa. I have two blue maximas about 1/2 up on the rockwork, and a green ultra and a purple maxima on the sand in the center of the tank. The dersa is also on the sand.

All five appear to be doing very well. They are well expanded and have nice "white growth rings".

Here are some pictures. Note the 65 gallon is much whiter today I think the 400 watt 10ks are starting to burn in.
For what its worth...

I have (4) 400w MH over my 6 foot reef with center brace. Suspended 10 inches above water line.

(2) 400w 6.5k
(2) 400w 20k Radium

Ambient temp: 72 year round (basement reef)

Tank temp: 80-83, house fan blowing on sump

Evaporation: 4 gallons/day

My temp only gets up to 83 when the humidity is around 60%. Normal humidity is around 40%
Jim Norris,

I noticed you have all of your clams on top of a piece of rock on the sand bed. Is there a reason for not putting the clams directly on the sand bed????

YES! Great question. Clams other than needing light to create food also filter feed. Fine sand if stir up can get inside and clogged the clam filter membrane. This can cause a clam to die. Croceas and maximas have the findist member filtering system then the others follow. I have found very thin about 1/4 inch thick slabs of limestone here is Texas which for me are a perfect rock for a clam to sit on. Once the rock is cleaned, washed, and soaked for acouple of weeks then I put it into my tanks. Also the limestone has help with keep the ph in check.
Thanks Jim,

Can I find some of the limestone at a LFS or do you recommend some other place?? I imagine it can't be to dificult to find some in Miami.

Thanks again,
Hey Jim, I really like the tank on the left with more VHOs. I like the 65 as well, but it's still too yellow/green for my tastes. Hopefully, your 10000ks will burn into a crisper white. I have 10000k 175W on my tank along with 4 96W actinic PC and 2 10000K 96W PCs. Here's some pictures of how it makes my tank look with all lights on.
By the way, the clams in the 65 seem to have deeper coloration, is that a factor of the clams or of the lighting?