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Clam update.

My clam has been getting picked on by my kole tang of all things. I've built a cage around the clam and it rewarded me by fully extending it's mantle. I'm afraid I'm going to have to catch the tang. It is definetly picking at the mantle of the clam, not algae on the shell. I've spent a couple evenings trying to catch it but so far no luck.

Here are a couple new pics:



FWIW, Nathan


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That's a very creative solution, even if it's temporary. I think this is the first time I've heard of a tang picking at a clam. I guess it goes to show there are more differences between individuals than there are generalities among species.

Good luck catching the tang!


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I had the exact same experience and built a cage just like you did. My purple tang started picking on my clam and it was just closed up so I put the cage around it for 3 weeks and now everything is fine. I don't know if the tang was bored or what. Some people on this board told me to get rid of the fish or the clam that I couldn't leave it in a cage. I love my clam and my fish so I just left it on there and finally the fish went on to something else. Good luck.


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When a new clam is put into our systems, the stress from shipping and from new water conditions cause the clam to emit a chemical that many fish, and crabs find wonderfully tasty. That is probably what is happening here. It should stop within a few weeks, but you just never know.

Best of luck, Rob and what a wonderfull clam!


WOW! The EXACT same thing happened to me and I did the EXACT same thing! Small world.
Unfortunately, the clam died (it was a 15" gigas clam from a store in GA that was so severely stressed due to light insufficiency from the store that it never pulled through :( -- what an awesome clam it was though...even though the mantle was almost see-through :( :(

Hope you have better luck than I did.
V. nice clam you got there!


alternatively, catching the fish is easy...just have to wait until the lights are off for 4 or so hours (with the room pitch black) and then turn on your lights quickly (or use a flashlight) so that the tang is disoriented and nab him! I've caught damsels that way, as well as a pesky pseudochromis fridmani! Good luck!!

I submitted that suggestion to and they published it in March, but contrary to their claims, I've never received my gift cert... v poorly organized e-zine. ReefKeeping is clearly superior...they actually publish the current issue in the same month, unlike a.a. who update the new issue at the end of the month...sorry, off topic, but I'm pretty p'o'd over the whole thing!!

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FWIW, if the clam is stresses, emitting said "substance", then a fish picks on it, it will stress more, thus releasing more substance, no? Perhaps the protection will allow the clam to recover sufficiently so the stimulus is gone, and the fish don't won't react.

jim norris

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I will be in Dallas tomorrow! Will you? If not please do not worry I will take good care of the gigas JT is bringing to the show.


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Sorry to hear about your bad Kole. I hope you get him straightened out. I would keep the clam over the Kole but that's just me :)

Good luck and keep us posted,


Hey Jim,
Unfortunately, no I wont be attending macna. But....
The clam is still sitting at H.A. hee hee hee :)
I'll send you some pics when I get it!