clams and calcium


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do clams use alot of calcium, i have 3 clams and a couple corals, nothing that uses alot of calcium, i usually dose about 4 teaspoons of kent marine turbo calcium everyday in a 2gallon drip doser.My calcium stays around 400, is this a normal thing because i dont want to add to much calcium but on the container it doesnt say anything about how much each teaspoon would roughly raise my calcium. thanks


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calcium is only part of the story, but yes they can have a strong demand on both calcium and alkalinity. In smaller tanks, it can be a very large demand. Are you testing alkalinity as well? Usually that's the more challenging aspect to control.


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+1 on the checking the alk, I used to have three clams in my 180 gallon tank, they sucked both calcium and alk up very fast