Clams keeps falling


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Just recently got a blue maxima, medium sized. I have place under one of my MH bulbs on a relatively flat piece of LR. As long as the lights are on he seems to do well and none of my fish (Flame Angel, Royal Gramma, Yellow Tang, Maroon Clown) even give him/her a second thought. But every morning for the last week, I check the tank and the clam fallen/walked/been pushed to the substrate bottom.

Anyone have any ideas, can the fish just not see and keep bumping him off? Or is the clam moving lower on purpose? Any experience on best place or rock types to place clams would be great.



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Simple the clam in your sandbed. This is where I keep all my clams, and they do well. I know this is contrary to what you may have heard or read, but it works.


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I have always found that unhappy clams tend to wander at night for a better spot. One of my clams just didn't seem to like the surface of the rock. After placing it in the same position but on a different piece of dead rock it attached fine.

IME when clams are just bought they are not to happy at been put straight under metal halide lights high on the rock work. I put a small rock on the sandbed and let the clam attach and then u can easily move it to higher light if the colouration of the clam starts to become a darker brown.