Clams Suck....

Steve C.S.

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....the self restraint right out of you. Just one day with my first clam and I have spent all day planning to redo my tank so I can get more. I have spent more time on line today than I have in a week trying to check prices and get info on what I want to get next. Is there a Clams Anonymous? My wife wants to know. In a year you may see me and my tank living under a bridge in Memphis, stop and say hello. Thanks everyone for the info and help, I'm sure I will be back for more very soon. By the way, if you know who has the best clams and best prices in the midsouth, let me know. Thanks again.

ps. anyone want to trade Xenia or shrooms for a clam? LOL


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Hey Steve -
If it makes you feel better, you are not alone. I started out with 6 clams in September this year, I now have more than 30. They are addictive - because they come in a wide range of color/patterns - make you want to collect one each. I don't think there is Clam Anonymous and if there is - it would not help you.

I think what would help is some kind of disease outbreak - and wipe out my entire collection - then I will probably take a step back and see how foolish I have been. This happens to me earlier this year - I lost 10 clams. I did not have access to RC - and did not know I was not alone. I thought setup a new tank would help - blam it on my other tank's water quality. So here we go again, 2nd tank - 30 clams. It would be nice if these clams live for years like my fishes. And maybe several years down the line we can breed them and see what happens.



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I know, they ARE addictive. But so is Reefing!

I was worried about your subject there, until I read it!




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not in the midsouth but it'd be worth shipping -
best prices, quality, and service

I have 2 squamosas and 1 crocea from them.

Thanks Jt and Joy , cant wait to make another trip back up there :D