Clams under PC lose color


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If after keep clams under PC lighting for some time and losing some of the coloration, would they regain their more vibrant coloring if lighting was upgraded to metal halide?


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They typically would not but keeping things like iodine levels up keep things better. I use Lugol's solution and even under my MH the clams have started to brighten up. Nice to see.


Also because they are under PC's some food supplement would help a lot. Something like DT's phyto is good.....


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If your clam is losing color, he isn't getting enough light. This should be a warning to you. Upgrade the lighting b-4 it's too late.

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Just read something about the colors of clams filter out harmfull UV rays. Basically meaning that clams can/will lose color in lower light tanks. The lighting is less intense and needs less filtering therefore your color fades. Kinda like getting a tan:D

Get some better lights soon.


Kyle McClain

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I placed a maxima under VHO 3 week ago and it has turned more and more blue as weeks go by. Granted I have 440 watts on a 55.

GH Sniper

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I have a 30G tall tank currently with 195W (3x65W) PC on the tank. All of my clams are doing great and no color loss what so ever. I have one 5" from the top and two about 1/3 off the bottom. All look great. I do dose with DT's because two of them are about 3" (Maxima) and one is 5" (Derasa).

I am upgrading to a 120 G (48x24x24) this weekend. I plan on using 250W MH's with my tank. This seems to be the way to go with the clams.

Bill Scott

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It seems to have helped me to go from a 50:50 ratio of 6750K and "actinics" to a 25:50:25 ratio of 6750K, 10,000K, actinic. I also have 8 W per gallon (over a 55 gallon) and would not recommend any less light than this. I also have them up high on some shelf rock. All my corals, as well as these clams (corcea) seem to have appreciated that light ratio switch. It looks better too IMO.

Having said that if I were to do it all over I would have them under double-ended HQI halides, which would probably cost no more than I have spent on the compact fluorescents. Two 150 W bulbs would actually be a little cheaper to run I think.