Clams under pc's?


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Does anyone know if I could keep a Squamos or Derasa clam under my pc's? I have a total of about 260 watts. (2 10,000K and 2 Atinics) I have a 90gal and it is about 2 feet deep.


I still say it depends on the placement. I've had my crocea under PC's over a year now, and it's almost doubled in size since I got it (roughly 5" now). It's at the top of the tank about 6-7" away from the bulbs.


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IMO Derasa and Squamosa do well in my tank under PC lights. We have 4 in a 75 which 2 are new and the other 2 we have had for almost 3 years now with good growth. We do monitor calcium and alk and add as needed. I believe with good care these clams will stay happy.


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I also agree a derasa or a squamosa would do okay as long as you place close to the light. But i would stay awat from maxima and crocea

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( imo ) no probs with t. derasa or t. squamosa with bulbs mounted parallel to each other ( four x 65watt = 260watts ) and with a mirrored reflector . if parallel they will receive light output from all tubes . lux/lumen output is constant along the length of a tube . four 65w. tubes mounted 2X2 would really only expose them to the lux/lumen output of little more than two tubes and i would be hesitant however it seems to be working for 2crazyreefers .

i'm guessing that mounting configuration is why pc's get a bad rap from people who generally use the watts per gallon method for determining suitability .

i've successfully kept t. derasa on a 4"d sand bed ( 18"d x 18"w aquarium ), under six parallel 32watt zoo med T8's for two years before replacing them with four 54watt ho T5's ( also have a t. sqamosa ) .

when i first considered a t. clam , A. Calfo told me my lighting would be o.k. for a t. derasa except the blue variety , of which i hanen't come across , other than a photo of a blue lined t. derasa in J. Sprung's INVERTEBRATES A QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE p. 124 .


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I didn't know crocea can grow that fast...

they don't, maximum average growth for a crocea is about 1" per year. :confused:


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Yeah, it's more like one inch per year for a crocea for the first few years, and then even slower after that...

Sorry to say, but I think someone is either way off on their measurments, or doesn't know what species of clam they have...


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Im looking into getting a clam myself, I know my water params arnt quiet there yet so I will be waiting some time before I get one, if possible.

Ive got a 3gal picotope tank right now. Its about 12" tops from the top of the water to the sand, w/ a 36w Current USA light. Think this would be enough lighting?

I love the colors of clams and would love to have one, thanks


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I have a blue/purple maxima (i think since this is my first one) under PC's 130wats actually. It is exactly 6 inches away from the light. I feed the tank phyto once a week and cyclopz 3 times along with other stuff. Im not sure if the cyclops are the correct size or shape for the clam but it has been looking better since i first got it. I bought it from an LFS where it was subjected to about 100wats of light about 2 feet away. Its become really neon blue. Ill keep you guys updated. I feel it depends on where the clam was harvested to be able to determine what lights it will live under.


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Ive got a 3gal picotope tank right now. Its about 12" tops from the top of the water to the sand, w/ a 36w Current USA light. Think this would be enough lighting?

I would not reccomend under any situation putting any clam in a tank that small or under just a 36w PC bulb.


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Acxtinic lighting doesn't count toward your total output wattage, so the 260 is actually 130. That really is extremely low lighting, I'd think you'd have trouble even keeping many softies, let alone any clams, just MO.