clarkii pair


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I just put a cody anemone in to see if they will go in. the female went right in. The male then did a dance she let him in. Now at night the female left and the male is sleeping inside the anemone. Why is the female in there during the day and sleep in the coner at night.


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She is probably used to her sleeping spot before you put in the anemone. In time she may move to the anemone but who knows with clowns.


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just curious. did you buy them as a pair or did you pair them yourself?

Wasn't directed at me, but...

When I got my clarkii pair (( about 9 years ago )) I just picked two of many that were in a tank at an LFS. (( and I actually made the mistake of getting 3, and thought it would work out -- before I knew better )). After about 4 months, a pair was formed, and they killed the 3rd one. About a year after that they started spawning, haven't stopped since.