Classroom Aquarium/Pets Have to Go :( 70Gallon Reef/50 gallon sump CompleteSetup, Max


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Sorry, this post is probably going to be way too long. After keeping the reef running over this virtual school year, I was informed that due to modernization construction to happen in the near future, I need to get rid if our class pets, sucks. But at least I have a little time.

Some stuff was donated to me and I have spent lots of my own money as well. Looking to sell for a little bit to put aside in case I can get something smaller running after construction.

Up for sale:
- 70 gallon acrylic tank 47.5" x 15" x 24" tall, wood canopy (used cuz it was in a classroom), wood stand available if desired too, but just using as class furniture right now
- 50 gallon almost cube acrylic sump with several liters siporax eggcrate box
- RLSS DC pump skimmer- works really well
- DC return pump, believe it is a Jebao DC-3000, maybe 2000
- 36" 2x DE 250 watt MH with lightly used Phoenix 14klamps and 2x T5 (18 spare new UV T5 75.25 bulbs), electronic ballasts
- Heaters
- Ac Junior controller, just used to monitor
- Hydor Wavemaker and pumps, asstd flow pumps
- Assorted extra pumps included another DC pump, maybe needs toyed with
- ATO reservoir (blue bin), about 18 gallon, float switches
- etc: assorted dosing, supplement, fish isolation and trap, calcium reactor that was use for carbon, disco ball halide fixture, food, plumbing, etc..
- Livestock: Gem here is Marshall Islands/Tonga live rock, have had for many years and hate to get rid of. More than 50 % is really nice stuff, and maybe some other highly desirable live rock type. Somewhere between 100 to 150 pounds between tank and full sump (will be taking a couple pieces for my daughter's little 10 gallon tank), does have aiptasia that will ; one to possibly several RBTAs possibly depending on which rocks are kept- a bit neglected so looking small right now, but should rehab with some regular feeding now that we are almost back into the class. Some shrooms and zoas, green nepthea, Kenya Tree, snails, hermits, photosynthetic purple/blue sponge, nothing special.

Asking for $500 for all, but know that it is unlikely someone will want it all, so in a week or so, I will break down and sell anything of half decent value separate. Tank has lots of scratches from students using magfloat with sand stuck in it, but doesn't hamper viewing terribly. This setup was perfect for the space I had in my room. Not perfect though by any means (like sump still has external pump.connected, hole will need capped)

More stuff:
Maxspect Razor LED- always loved this beautiful light- was about to send it in to get it refurbed with new pucks, etc to use again instead of halides- Coralvue will refurb this $900 light for only $140 if you ship it to them (can show email)- after the bad news, not gonna mess with it. Sell for $150, so for about $300 or so, you could have a sweet light

10 foot long Jungle Carpet/Diamond Python hybrid- hate to get rid of this guy, tame, had for a long time- comes with 4 foot tall enclosure with top and bottom heaters, etc. $200

Palludarium- Unfortunately never got to fully get this setup- Actually two tanks stacked and plumbed so water pumps to waterfall in top that drains to bottom tank. Comes with LED and 250 watt DE halide/T5 fixture, UV bulb in case you want a turtle. Plumbing alone cost more than $100. Sell for $150.

Free Reptibreeze Chameleon cage- took apart, don't know where screws went, but should be easy to replace. 30" x 15" x 15"


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Include with aquarium- KessilA150w Ocean Blue, other stuff like Kent scraper and stuff not picture

Palludarium not running now

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