Clean Mantis (aka low bioload)


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Have noticed a few people mention peacocks are very messy eaters and hide their molts, creating a large bioload

Is it safe to say all smasher mantis eat the same way? Horde their food stores? Bury their molts?

Should spearer's be considered messier than smashers?

How about these other species, are they just as messy (say they were all 3")

N. Wenerare
G. Smithii
G. Graphurus
G. Glabrous
O. Havanensis
O. Latirostris


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Odontodactylids (all species) are likely to bury their molt skins. By careful observation of their behavior and feeding, you can usually tell when they have molted and if they are in a limited system, remove the molt skin. Most gonodactylids do not bury the molt skin. They either keep it in the cavity or throw it out.

In general, spearers create less of a mess - partly because of the diet and partly because of the prey.