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Ok so I need a clean up crew. I have some hermit crabs, and that is it. My rocks are turning green, and most (all but 2 fish) are gone, due to digging in the sand and knocking over my corals. I know to stay away from turbo snails. I have very fine sand, which is also getting a crust. What is the recommendations for what to get just for the green growth I am getting and to help with the sand, that won't knock over my frags? 65 gallon tank. Just worried about the green algea I am getting, it's not hair algea, just green.


Also I am in the process of getting a 180 up and running, so eventually I will need something for that as well.


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I get mine from reefcleaners. They have great c.u.c packages

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i would get nassarus snails for your sandbed and nerite and cerith for your rocks, maybe a couple trochus too.


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Ditto to all the above
but avoiding blanket statements; but I've never met a crab ("reefsafe" or otherwise) I totally trusted...
I'm not sure if the snails die of "natural causes" or the crabs speed up the process, but IME those hermits seem to always eventually wear my snails shells (that goes for blue legged, red legged oir whatever)


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For the sand look into fighting conches... for the "green growth"... is that coralline algae you are refering to on your rocks? If so, most people like it but if you do not, I have heard urchines eat it.


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I put my order in last night. This is what I got. I couldn't get help at my LFS as they were busy sweeping and on the phone, then talking with each other about how someone thinks they are stealing. So I came home and purchased online.

<TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%"><TBODY><TR class=Stil1><TD>1</TD><TD>1 Penny Macro Algae </TD><TD>909090</TD><TD>USD0.01</TD><TD>USD0.01</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>50</TD><TD>Dwarf Cerith </TD><TD>11001</TD><TD>USD0.15</TD><TD>USD7.50</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>10</TD><TD>Florida Cerith </TD><TD>11003</TD><TD>USD0.40</TD><TD>USD4.00</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>10</TD><TD>Nerite Snails (Large) </TD><TD>11004</TD><TD>USD0.60</TD><TD>USD6.00</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>20</TD><TD>Zig Zag Periwinkles </TD><TD>11009</TD><TD>USD0.20</TD><TD>USD4.00</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>5</TD><TD>Medium/Larger Empty Hermit Shells </TD><TD>12004</TD><TD>USD0.14</TD><TD>USD0.70</TD></TR><TR class=Stil1><TD>1</TD><TD>Ulva </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


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im a huge emerald crab fan-----you watch them clip the hair algae away like a haircutter

its a great and fun to watch too