Cleaned Gyre 1K. Now its noisy.


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I thought the idea was to improve performance. Anyway, gyre making way too much noise. Its the motor. Checked all the cages and fans. Nothings rubbing. Its on random flow so the motor noise is up and down all day. Can the 1k motor be taken apart and cleaned? Anyone dealt with this before. Frustrating. Especially when I have the exact gyre on the other side of the tank completely silent. this pump was silent before I cleaned it. anything louder than silent is unacceptable.


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They are very finicky... Take it apart again...repeat a few times and see if you can find that sweet spot..
I did the same to mine this weekend and the wife wants me to get rid of it because its noisy now too.. Ill give it a few more tries to quiet it down then may get rid of it
. Id rather have a quiet Jebao ;)