Cleaner shrimp spawning


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I have three large cleaner shrimp in my tank. It looks to me as if 2 of them are carrying eggs. Every couple of days they look empty, then a couple days later I see them again. IS this normal? How long does this go on for? Will the fry survie? Or can I do something that will make sure they do? Thanks


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Yes, this is very normal. The frequency at which it happens seems a little fast, if I understand you correctly, but you also have 3 shrimp. This happens after a molt and it will happen to every cleaner shrimp you have because they are both male and female at the same time. Chances are the fry will die, however if kept seperately in a system with a gentle flow to keep the larve away from the sides of the tank, fed properly, and with pristine conditions, who knows what can happen.