Cleaning Berlin Socks... (filter socks)


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What's the best way.. some have said really hot water.. some have said bleach and water in the washing machine.. others dishwasher..

being that i live in an apt.. i have to pay for the laundry and running one load of bleach.. and then another just water to clean it out.. for $5 a shot to clean socks.. seems not worth it..

I have 5 socks that I switch out every few days..


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have you tried boiling them, will smell though. or dishwasher (no soap) first then boil after somwhat clean and the smell is gone


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I take a garden hose to mine. Turn it inside out (spray opposite of water flow to prevent driving debris further into the filter media) and blast away. I do not use bleach or any other cleaners for fear of polluting the tank. It is probably safe to use bleach if you rinse it well and let it dry out, but I get my filters clean without it, so why gamble.


I put mine in the washing machine hot water only on perm press. I used to use heavy cycle but kept on breaking the plastic rings.

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Just wash them in the sink with very hot water and some bleach. Rinse them thoroughly after.


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I have yet to clean anything with bleach. I just spray everything down with the hose. Today is the first time I'm using a little vinegar to clean my protein skimmer. I'll probably try using bleach sometime in the future and rinsing everything really well.


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I would just rinse them out in the sink in your situation. I don't use bleach, I don't care much if the socks are shiny ;). Just try to get the detritus out so they don't clog when they go back on the tank.