Cleaning chaeto?


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Hi, i just got a handfull from a friend, and i was just wondering if i can rinse it in old tank water that i had left over from yesterday? The water's been sitting for 24 hours stagnant but i can throw a powerhead in to mix it up.



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Seems to be pointless, but do as you wish.

Chaeto is going to get microfauna in there and a whole bunch of other various life in a short while.

I would personally not rinse.


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If it is just rinsing, you can even do that with fresh water. But I agree with everyone else, it would be pointless. If you are worried that it carries some pathogen, rinsing would not remove it. By the way chaeto can carry ich. If that is your concern, just quarantine it for 6-8 weeks. I once did it by placing chaeto in a goldfish bowl, hooking up a simple air pump and placing the bowl in front of a window.