Cleaning Outside Glass


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I can just use straight undiluted ammonia on the tank glass right? j/k...:bounce3:

Is diluted white vinegar okay? I am careful not to get any in the tank, and I don't spray directly onto the glass, but spray onto a rag/paper towel and then wipe down the glass. I have a 3 1/2 year old son who likes to put his hands on the tank, so I always have smudges.


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Yes vinegar and water are fine.... But i use glass cleaner and spray it on the rag. I have been doing it for over a year and all my fish are alive, I think it gets the glass cleaner then vinegar


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I bought the Python Glass Cleaner (made for aquariums) back when I had a freshwater tank. I had to laugh the first time I used it, because my nose told me it contained nothing other than vinegar and water. Sucked in again! When I ran out, I kept the spray bottle, which I now fill with vinegar and water.


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I think RO/DI is best, no need to have chemicals near the tank and since its so pure it latches onto grease from smudge mark. Plus have it readily available


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Been using regular glass cleaner for years.
Spray on paper towel and wipe on glass. No problem.


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windex here as well like others said spray it on rag away from tank then wipe glass. sometimes i will use ro/di water as well. either work


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Vinegar and water in a haphazard ratio mixed in a spray bottle I picked up on impulse at Home Depot. I spray it on a rag because it seems to run down the glass faster than Windex does. It does a great job. I'll add a squeegee in when I next run across one.


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RO/DI water with a splash of vinegar on a paper towel, than buff it out with a Shamwow! (it really does work well)


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I love the glass cleaner that comes in a can and sprays on in a foam. If you wanted to go more natural you could use rodi water. I never had a problem with cleaner though as long as your careful.